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When you are in arbitration, much is at stake and you need to focus on the issues as you work towards a successful outcome.

MWS can provide the technology and personnel to ensure that your arbitration process runs smoothly and efficiently.

We will supply:

  • a PA system with microphones, headsets, etc.
  • sound-recording facilities (using tapes or CDs)
  • an operator responsible for keeping track of the names of speakers (to avoid any confusion when the hearings are transcribed)
  • full transcription services

As necessary, we can also facilitate the logistical aspects of your arbitration:

  • arrange suitable premises and hotel accommodation
  • assist with the travel arrangements of all parties involved, including lawyers, experts and witnesses.


MWS has experience in providing all of these services both in Switzerland and abroad, so all you have to do is concentrate on the arbitration process itself.


We look forward to providing further details of our services and to quoting for your specific requirements.

Please contact us at this e-mail address.

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