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MWS offers translation services in almost any combination of languages. We use an extensive network of expert translators, many of whom have worked for us for a number of years.

We provide the following wide range of services:
  • translation of technical and legal documents
  • translation of commercial brochures and catalogues
  • proof-reading, layout and CAD
Our guarantee of quality:
  • we engage professional translators who are experts in their specialist fields
  • we have meticulous checking processes to ensure that our translations are accurate, sensitive to nuance and culturally authentic
  • we arrange for our translators to follow up with the respective clients
We accept material for translation:
  • as hard copy
  • as an electronic attachment
  • on CD

We look forward to providing further details of our services and to quoting for your specific requirements.

Please contact us at this e-mail address.

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